What are the essential things to consider before replacing your existing roof?

There are several kinds of roofs available in the market, and it is quite difficult to choose the right option for your home as well as find the best service provider in your locality who can help you with the process of installation. What are the things to know before replacing your roof? Here, we are going to discuss some tips that will help you to make the entire process better.

We have broken the post into several parts – selecting the right roofing contractor, complete tear off Vs single layering and roofing types.

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Roofing materials

It is needless to say that shingles come in a wide variety of materials and it is essential to select the type that will provide you with the maximum benefit or worth the money you spent. The various types of roofing materials are discussed below:

Spanish tile

These are quite effective in places with heavy rainfall. They come in the shape of a series of waves with huge spaces in between, which allow the water to flow freely.


This is a simple and cost-effective roofing option. Organic and fibreglass are the two kinds of Asphalt shingles available in the market.

Concrete Tile

The costing approximately is decided according to per square foot. It is quite affordable and ranges from $4 to $9. It can be easily moulded into any kind of shape you need, and very little maintenance service is needed.

Seam metal

This is expensive, but the cost can be easily offset by the outstanding durability of the metal roof. The huge investment required can be easily paid off because it avoids the replacement and repair cost over the time.

Complete tear off Vs single layering

Many people are not aware of the terms – single layering and complete tear off.

Tear off

As the name implies, it denotes to entirely removing the present roof so that the new roof can be easily installed in its place. This is the best option in a case where a major roof repairing service is required. As compared to layering, huge capital investment is needed to tear off, but from the long-term aspect, this will be really fruitful.

Single layering

When an additional layer is needed to be installed on the existing roof, the process of layering will actually help you to save on the labour cost and material cost in comparison to completely stripping off the roof. In general, the roof can hold two layers of asphalt shingles. So presently if you have a single layer, you can just add one more to ensure safety. This will definitely prolong the life of the existing roof within your budget.

Selecting the best contractor is the major task

Choosing the right contractor who can provide you with quality workmanship and warranty on the service is something difficult to come across. There are some important aspects that you need to take care of while hiring a roofing contractor. Cost of labour warranty and permits are some of the few essential factors to be taken care of.
When it comes to hiring are looking, contractor, it is always advisable that you first check out with your family and friends who might have recently used the service of a roofer. One should also check out online to come across the local roofers. Reading the online reviews and comments of the customers is a must. Replacing the roof is not a stressful process if you get the right service provider. The tips we have shared above will surely help you to get the best possible roofing services.

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